Our Mission :

Local leaders working together to leverage assets and accelerate ideas for healthier, more economically vital communities

Get Healthy.

Get Planning.

Get Going.


Made up of leaders in healthcare, education, business and economic development, human services, non-profit organizations and the faith community, the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition leverages its leadership accountability and combined expertise to address the challenge of delivering sustainable healthcare. The result: a shared community vision to improve our health, quality of life and competitiveness in a globalized economy.


On March 31, 2019 the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition will end. Since it began six years ago, the Coalition has successfully brought together business and community leaders from nonprofits, government, faith-based, and healthcare organizations to address health issues affecting our residents, our pocketbooks, and our economy.

Significant strides have been made in critical areas including Mental Health and Emotional Well-being, Nutrition, Food Security, Activity and Healthy Places/Spaces.  Much of this work will spin off to Snohomish County organizations who share our vision to improve community health, quality of life, and economic stablity.  We’re optimistic these efforts will continue in new and different ways based on foundational work started through the Coalition.

To the hundreds of individuals and organizations who voluntarily served, donated, and participated in the Coalition’s work – thank you!


Cynthia Eichner, Interim Director