Meeting the challenge of creating sustainable healthcare solutions for the twenty-first century requires creativity, commitment and the participation of everyone in our community.


The rising cost of healthcare diverts resources away from education, infrastructure and other critical services. For small businesses, healthcare expenses can be a significant obstacle to growth. And for families across Snohomish County, out-of-pocket healthcare spending imposes increasingly difficult trade-offs.

The Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition is addressing these challenges by acting as a dynamic thought and action organization with one goal: better health in Snohomish County.


Made up of leaders in healthcare, education, business and economic development, human services, non-profit organizations and the faith community, the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition leverages its leadership accountability and combined expertise to address the challenge of delivering sustainable healthcare. The result: a shared community vision to improve our health, quality of life and competitiveness in a globalized economy.

Strategic Goals

  1. Improve community health, healthcare costs, quality of place and economic vitality and prosperity
  2. Serve as a leadership forum and clearinghouse to highlight and pursue healthcare priorities that support long-term health and economic prosperity
  3. Foster and forge public-private partnerships that combine a long-term view with short-term results
  4. Establish a scalable model that can be implemented in other parts of the state and region