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Community Health Accelerator Event

LH2020 Community Health Accelerators

LiveHealthy2020 Community Health Accelerators  – “Accelerators” – are groups formed to “accelerate” solutions for high priority health issues in Snohomish County. Based on the collective impact model that community-wide problems can only be solved when all sectors work together, LiveHealthy2020 Accelerators convene leaders in Snohomish County businesses, nonprofits, government, education and other sectors.

Our LiveHealthy2020 signatories have selected four Accelerators for 2017: Food Insecurity & Backpack Programs, Adult Nutrition Education, Workplace Wellness, and Policy & Infrastructure. Mental/emotional well-being Accelerators will begin in early 2018.

Each Accelerator is launched with a half-day live Accelerator Event designed to identify best practices and common barriers. Attendees include those on the front lines of the issue as well as leaders across the county who simply care about making Snohomish County healthier. Information coming out of the live events sets the agenda for Accelerator Teams – passionate working groups to dive deeper into the topic. Accelerator Teams meet weekly with the twin goals of creating solutions for Snohomish County and publishing a process that can be replicated in other communities.


Click on each of our LiveHealthy2020 Accelerators to see what they are working on and how you can get involved.

Food Insecurity & Backpack Programs

Adult Nutrition Education

Workplace Wellness 

Policy & Infrastructure 


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LiveHealthy2020 is fortunate to partner with Kevin Harris and the William D. Ruckelshaus Center to create, design and evaluate our Accelerator Event Process. With a goal of 24 completed events by 2020, we are piloting this collaborative event design and working with Kevin and our involved signatories to evaluate and refine the event process as we go. Thank you for participating in our work in progress that we believe will result not only in improved reach and impact in Snohomish County, but in published best practices available to health community leaders nation-wide.