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The Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition is proud to sponsor innovative and collaborative health initiatives that make a direct and lasting impact on people’s lives, and improve the well-being of our overall community.


Key Initiatives

LiveHealthy2020 brings together more than 130 diverse communities of partners working towards a common agenda of improving the health and economic vitality of Snohomish County by improving nutrition, increasing physical activity, enhancing mental and emotional health, and fostering civic health and connectivity by the year 2020 and beyond.

Advance Care Planning is a peer-to-peer health education program that offers information and assistance on creating advance care health directives.  Advance care planning enables people to create self-directed personal care plans based on their own life situation, values and desires.

Many different programs and efforts are forming from these initiatives.


How does your donation help?

A healthy, vibrant community doesn’t happen without thoughtful participation and deliberate coordination.

Without you … some people in Snohomish County have access to ample nutritious food while others go without

Without you … some people in Snohomish County get to participate in life-changing health and wellness programs while others go without

Without you … some people have access to robust workplace wellness options while others – who work in organizations with fewer resources – go without

Without you … some people get to plan their final wishes with their loved ones while others go without.

Your tax deductible gift, helps sustain the largest community-wide community health initiatives in Snohomish County.