Gear Up and Go!

What Drives Success? Best Practices Field Guide

Ten million data points collected during the 2013-14 school year made it possible to see for the first time which schools had higher
engagement and activity levels. Based on that data, 24 of the top-performing schools were studied to understand what elements they have in common, then compared to schools countywide. To learn more explore the Best Practices Field Guide, developed from our learnings.


High-performing schools had 5 key differentiating factors:

• Schoolwide support of physical activity
• Model behavior from physical activity among staff
• Schoolwide program visibility
• Use of engaging and creative motivation strategies
• Leveraged synergy with existing physical activity programs.


Over 70 schools committed to a common agenda and goals for 2015-16 and agreed to incorporate these powerful learnings into a common agenda to set goals, select among these strategies, and measure the impact of these efforts for this school year to help drive further engagement and physical activity.