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The Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition is working to address critical challenges to sustainable healthcare in our community.
Our initial efforts are focused on two bookends of the healthcare spectrum: youth activity and palliative care. We are engaging leaders from across our community to develop local solutions to a national crisis.


Gear Up & Go!

Gear Up & Go! is an exciting county-wide initiative designed to be fun and encourage students to be more active and foster a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

This local initiative was created by the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition with school district superintendents and a county-wide working group of district teachers, health and physical education professionals.

The Aim: Reverse the decline of youth activity levels, starting with our own local fifth-grade students.


Palliative Care/Advance Care Planning

Palliative Care is specialized medical care and treatment for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stresses of a serious illness, whatever the diagnosis.

Advance Care Planning is a critical first step to ensure people get care in line with their personal values when facing life threatening illness. A pioneering community-based education initiative is underway in Snohomish County, created by the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition together with churches, YMCAs, senior centers, medical groups and a talented network of volunteers with specialized training. Jointly, this dynamic group of dedicated people is educating other doctors and patients and their families countywide.

The Aim: Improve the quality of life—physical, emotional and spiritual—for both patients and their families.